HobbyZone HBZ7380

One of the main reasons I purchased the Super Cub LP is because of the float option.  I went camping last year at Lake Wenatchee and the whole time I was there the weather and lake were perfect for an R/C Float Plane.  HobbyZone came through and produced this kit with the float option so this year when we went back to Lake Wenatchee to do some camping, I got to bring a toy!  The weather was only good for flying one of the four days we were there, but I got in a few flights, one of which can be viewed here.

Other videos of the Super Cub can be viewed here.

First flight of the Super Cub (1:20 min. - 5MB)
On-board video May 27th, 2010
(7:55 min. - 29MB)
On board video June 6th, 2010
(7:06 min. - 153MB)

New Paint


I purchased this kit since it is a trainer aircraft with optional
floats so I can have something fun to fly off the water.  The only thing that I didn't like is that it has no ailerons so I modified the wing to have ailerons.  Each aileron is 9 inches long by 1-3/4 inches wide.  I used a 65 cut on the leading edge of the ailerons to provide the clearance required for the 'up' movement.

The parts I used are as follows:
- Great Planes Small Nylon Control Horns
- DU-BRO Electric Flyer Hinge Tape (916)
- Mini E/Z Connector (845)
- Expert Electronics 6" Servo Y Harness
- 2 ea. Hobbico 12" Servo Extension
- GWS Pico Servos





Measure Trim Bevel Install

I went with the
DU-BRO 2-1/2" Super Lite Wheels (250SL) to aid in take-offs and landings off the grass.  The wheels are held on with 4-40 Lock Nuts (GPMQ3344).

Wing Struts
I replaced the wing strut mount screws with 'eye' screws for ease of connection of the wing struts.  Now all I have to do is slip the opening of the wing strut over the 'eye' screw and turn the 'eye' screw 1/4 turn and the struts are locked in place.

When it becomes necessary to make repairs to the foam parts of the aircraft, I have found a great product for making repairs.

Woodland Scenics Foam Putty 16 oz. (ST1447)

My first repair was to a scuffed wingtip where approximately 1/4" of material was ripped off the wing tip.  This product is very easy to work with and is quite easy to sculpt, carve, and sand.

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Many thanks to all of the people who love the hobby and share their assistance, ideas, and inventions with others!


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