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The right tool for the right job
Here you will find some of the tools I have developed to make the trading process and the financial management process a little easier.

Strike Price Choosers - use the following files to reduce the risk associated with buying call and put options
Note: The Strike Price Choosers are designed to be used in conjunction with the Thinkorswim Trading Platform.

Call Options Put Options Strike Price Chooser presentation  
Risk Evaluator - Use this tool to take some of the math work out of calculating your risk.
Spread Visualizers - Sometimes when learning spreads, it is hard to understand what is going on.  Here is a tool to help visualize what is going on with Iron Condors, Bear Calls and Bull Put Spreads.  If you choose the option to automatically update, the data will update to the current quote prices for the selected security (20 minute delay)
Iron Condor presentation

Order Processing Notes
Click to download instructions for optionsXpress.
Click to download instructions for TOS. How to execute a Market On Close order
Click to download instructions for optionsXpress. Click to download instructions for TOS. How to execute an order at a specified time
Order Setup Tool - Use this tool to help set up special orders

The S&P 500 at a Glance courtesy of

Here you will find links to some useful resources on the web to make trading research and education a little easier. - Perfecting Profits   

Kirkland Traders



American - This is a great resource to use as an additional confirmation of a particular security movement using a single indicator, the Japanese Candlestick.

CNBC - a new way to look at the market

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